Terms and Conditions


Panama International Marathon (XLIV version) in virtual format, organized by Club Corredores del Istmo, in distances of 42 KM and 21 KM, held between Sunday, November 29 and Sunday, December 13, 2020

Express Statement of Acceptance

 I declare that, I have taken the provisions of medical check-up and control according to usual standards, and I affirm to be in optimal physical and psychological conditions to participate in the event; so I agree to be solely responsible for my physical condition before, during and after the sporting event, for which reason, PANAMA INTERNATIONAL MARATHON, the organizer and sponsors, have no obligation or responsibility to require medical examination to accept my registration and participation.

Therefore, I declare that I release PANAMA INTERNATIONAL MARATHON, its organizer and sponsors, from all liabilities and claims individually or jointly, for any physical harm, damage, injury and/or accident that I may suffer as a result of my registration and participation in this event or that of my family.

I declare that, I authorize PANAMA INTERNATIONAL MARATHON, its organizer and sponsors, to use without cost, benefit nor consideration in return, my name, photograph and/or videos in any publication, transmission and/or promotion before, during and after the competition, as well as I recognize the right of the PANAMA INTERNATIONAL MARATHON, its organizers and sponsors, acting individually or jointly, to use any images or audio captured during event registration, preparation and pre-activities, during and after the race until the conclusion of the activities.

I declare that, I accept that in the event that this Marathon, has to be suspended or cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances, force majeure reasons, or any situation not attributable to the organizers, regardless of whether the circumstance that led to the cancellation or suspension was foreseeable or not, Club Corredores del Istmo and its sponsors reserve the right not to refund the registration fee, since I am aware and accept that said funds were used to defray the costs incurred in the preparations, logistics and organization of the event without prejudice to the activity being carried out, suspended or canceled. 

I declare that during my participation in the sporting events of PANAMA INTERNATIONAL MARATHON, I commit myself to observe and obey the basic and elementary rules commonly established for sporting events of this nature.  I accept that, for safety reasons, I will not use portable audio equipment during the race.

For reasons of certainty in the preparations for the event, I recognize as necessary and valid, that once I have made the online transfer or payment by any means or via, refund requests are not accepted, nor total or partial returns, because it affects the normal development of the organization.

I accept that I must do my route of the registered distance (42K or 21K) in one or more sessions, and upload the results of my stopwatch to the Nike platform (App), Nike Run Club, between Sunday, November 29 and Sunday, December 13, 2020.

The organization of PANAMA INTERNATIONAL MARATHON, will deliver to the runners registered on the website, on the date, time and site designated for this purpose, the commemorative items of the event, namely, bid or runner number, jersey and medal.  To the overseas runners, the items may be sent via DHL or by other similar system with freight payable at destination.

I have read and accept the terms and conditions of the Panama International Marathon described above.

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