Running Instructions



Follow this step by step so that you have a successful registration in the NIKE NRC app and can complete this challenge.

You must be registered and have paid to participate.


Download the Nike Run Club App (NRC), it's free.

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Within the app, create an account or if you already have one, sign in with it.

When the NRC application asks for your location, if your city does not appear on the list, choose the US as the equivalent country.


Find the distance to run

Follow the order

a.) Click menu 
b.) Click on the “CLUB” icon
c.) Click on the add friend icon (a person  and + appear)
d.) Click on the magnifying glass icon to search for a new friend..
e.) Enter the email of the distance you are going to run, for 42k @ maratoninternacionaldepanama / for
f. Add the profile of (Maratón Internacional de Panamá)
g.) Your request will be accepted within a maximum period of 24 hours.

For 42KM

For 21KM


Check your accepted request to participate

As of October 29, 2020

Follow the order​

a.) Go to challenges (Desafíos) and you must have an invitation from the Panama International Marathon to the challenge you registered.
b.) On the screen it will appear that the International Marathon of Panama, invited you to participate in the challenge that you registered, whether it is 42KM or 21KM
c.) Accept the invitation to be part of the challenge.
d.) Finally you will see on the screen the days until the challenge begins, the countdown will be updated until zero hour is reached

Important note


  • The user name of the NIKE NRC app must match the registration.
  • The time that will be published at the end of the challenge within the NIKE NRC app, will be the time in days when you took on the challenge.
  • You can do the challenge in one or several days, the competition is with yourself.
  • During the month of November and December, you can enter and register to be part of the International Marathon of Panama.
  • This challenge will allow all athletes in Panama and the world to add kilometers for the same goal.
  • This is not a challenge to see who ran the most or who was the fastest, it is a challenge to unite all the runners despite the distance and through the power of their effort.
  • This is a RECREATIONAL challenge, it is not a challenge to see who ran the most or who was the fastest. It is a challenge to unite all the runners and stay motivated

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